Friday, December 31, 2010

More Grown Up

First...please forgive these pictures.  For some reason I didn't spread this one out on the floor like I usually do, and it's no longer in my possession.  This is called Stick Straight.  It was made for my oldest niece who is super trendy and really loves girly things, but not openly.  :)  Weren't we all that way for a while?  Yeah, she's 17, so I wanted to make something that wasn't so little girl, but that would still be cool when she goes off to college in a year or two.
One side is pink and green stripes that match her and her sister's bedroom.  The other side is dark blue grey with HUGE flowers....I liked that it was super dark, but somehow very fresh and feminine.
Close up of the straight line quilting.  I just followed some of the lines in the fabric, all at different widths.

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