Friday, December 31, 2010

Blueberries and Creamsicles

 I was inspired by this fabric peeking out from my stash (the one in the upper left corner).  It reminded me of blueberries. The lighter one below it does too, but the blue on blue was the inspiration.  I saw it and kept going back to it, so finally I just pulled it out and threw this together.
You can click to enlarge the photos if needed.

When I added this orange, which I felt it needed, it made me think of orange creamsicles that I hear people talk about.  I've never had one, but in my brain they are the equivalent of orange sherbet Flinstone push-pops, which in case you don't know are AWESOME!
This was made at the beginning of 2010, I just never posted it.  I really enjoy making little quilts like this, it's about 30" square.  But I think if someone looked in my closet and saw the stack of baby quilts I have they would think I'm a little off because there is no reason for me to hoard baby quilts when we don't have children.  I was actually embarrassed when my sister came over and saw them.  She got mad at me for hiding them away in a closet and told me to hang them on the wall.  haha.  Who knew...I can just call them wall hangings and suddenly it's not so weird.

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