Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Etsy Craft Party!!!

Have you heard about this? If not, listen up!
We are hosting the Abilene site for Etsy's annual craft day.
Who: Adult women. We want this to be a time to spend with other adults, away from babies and interruptions that we typically face at home.
What: A free craft day to promote community. Supplies will be provided(donations accepted), and we'll have 4 guided craft activities. You are welcome to bring your own project to work on if you'd like. No experience necessary, we just want to have fun. Our focus this year is community, so one of our crafts will be something to give back to local non-profits.
When: Saturday, June 15, 2013
*Etsy's National Craft Day is June 20th, but we thought I weekend would be easier than a weeknight, so we're going to party a little early.
Where: Hinds Square Building
              100 Chestnut Street, Ste 112
              Abilene, TX 79602
How: Click here to register. You will get an email confirmation where you can print your ticket, or download it to your phone. If you forget to bring it, I'll have a list of those who've registered.

Invite your friends(make them register, or register for them) and come craft with us!!!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Movin Over

Although I tried to pretend it wasn't really happening, I think they are serious about taking away blogger, so I'm moving over to Bloglovin. You can find it here;

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Project

I don't have a link back for this, but I've seen string art all over Pinterest for many months.  I finally got myself some baker's twine and decided to try it. Holy moly is this an easy project. You just get a piece of wood, some nails, and string. Trace an image with nails and fill in with the string. Took me about 30 minutes start to finish.