Friday, December 31, 2010

Generations Quilt

We call this Stained Glass.  It's a very special quilt top my grandma made for my mom nearly two years ago.  My mom had it on the spare bed for a long time, but it never got quilted.  She asked me to quilt it shortly after I started quilting this time last year.  I surprised her with it for Christmas this year...she didn't know I'd been working on it.
The top is comprised of Psalms blocks and stained glass panels in many colors as you can see.  The stained glass blocks have really beautiful gold patterns running through them, but getting a picture of it is nearly impossible.
Here is one of the verse blocks, and you can see my stitching...very random patterns, in lots of thread colors.
See.....lots of colors.  We went from red to orange, pink to yellow, blue, green and even some violet and gray made it in.  But, I'm okay with it.
It came out wonderfully crinkly after the wash.  It was pretty awesome watching her surprise opening this.  It took me a long time to complete because it's almost a queen size quilt...and that is A LOT of fabric to push through my little machine.  It was worth it.

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