Saturday, December 11, 2010

Basting. The end.

 Are you a crazy baster like me?

When I baste I use a LOT of pins.  Over 200 for this twin-ish sized gift, and that was really taking it easy and trying to space them out so I'd have enough to finish.  I always run out of big pins about 3/4 the way through and moan and groan about using medium size pins.  Then when those run out...I just stare at the project and fight myself about using the small, i.e. tiny and made for dolls fingers.  My husband who loves me very much bought me 150 new shiny Giant Safety Pins!!!!  I told him he didn't need to because they were almost $10.  He did it anyway.  I was giddy.  They are so smooth to use, and I'm so thrilled that I won't have to even think about using those horrible tiny pins anymore.  The mediums are still waiting in the wings just in case I have an overflow project that needs something, but...well, that will be okay.

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