Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Biscuit Waffles

So. Good.

These waffles are crispy, easy, cute, and can be frozen easily.

What do you need?

1-2 cans of your favorite biscuits
I used the cheap kind that are small
Buttermilk or Homestyle work really well
1 waffle iron
butter, syrup, or honey, and other favorite toppings

I have a four square waffle iron, so I place one biscuit in each square.  It cooks them through and makes wonderful little round waffles that are crisp on the outside.  Perfect with a little butter and honey or syrup or whipped cream and fresh strawberries.  OR if you are feeling especially like you need to splurge just put them all on top. :)  Super easy and hardly any cleanup.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Changing things up a bit

See this beautiful rug? She'll be in my home next week! SO EXCITED!!!

I can barely contain myself as I type this.  Also, I have a huge grin on my face for finally buckling down and getting something for our dining room.  I've been rug shopping for the last 5+ years and never found what I wanted at a reasonable price.   Usually I'll find something that makes me giddy and it will end up being $400 or more, which is WAY out of my price range. My biggest problem is not knowing what I really want because I like traditional and contemporary both.  This gives me the best of both I think.  I know it might look a little plain, but I'm super excited for it to get here and go under our dining room table.

Where did I find the beauty pictured above you ask? Well, have you heard of RugsUSA.com? They don't know who I am, this isn't a paid advertisement. I learned about them through Thrify Decor Chick. HOLY COW!!! Gorgeous rugs, and great prices! Not only do they have about a bajillion rugs to choose from, they have MANY price points and styles. So, if you are in the market for a new rug...go look, and if you aren't in the market for a new rug go look anyway. You might change your mind. They almost always have free shipping, and they let you pay through PayPal or Amazon. That's a big plus for me because a.) I love shopping online-it's so much easier than schlepping through the store with baby in tow and I can compare multiple items in a matter of minutes instead of days or this case years, and b.) I don't like putting my credit card information into sites I'm unfamiliar with. But I frequently use Amazon- every two to three weeks at least, and use PayPal when possible with other sites.

To give you an idea why I needed a change;
This is similar in color to what we have now, except ours isn't really this nice looking.  I found it for about $5-10 and have never liked it.  It's too small for the space and is very dark.  It makes me annoyed and sad everytime I look at it.  Also, it has a broken corner that sticks up a few inches no matter what I do to try to get it to lay flat.  Needless to say...we needed a change.  I'll post a before/after once the new rug comes in.

Go...find a new rug....they have zebra stripes, chevrons, flowers, seisals, orientals, and even guided play rugs like a race track or city scape. If nothing else it's fun to just see what's out there.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Craft Time

This is what I have to show for my weekend.

In truth it was a very productive weekend and a great Father's Day. 
I just don't have many pictures to show you how much I accomplished. 
Actually, this is the first crafty thing I've really gotten to do since my daughter was born, but I'm pleased as punch!  I found these blocks at the dollar store and the colors were really aweful, so I painted them.  They are headed for her shelf tonight.

If you want to do this you just need some craft paint.
I painted the colored bits white first, then used the colors.