Monday, July 20, 2009

When it rains it pours-and then your in a torrent.

You know the phrase "when it rains it pours"...well, it seems that when it pours it's torrential. It may not be my own personal rainstorm, but it seems everyone around me is getting swept up in the downpour of bad things happening to them. My mother calls me last Tuesday evening and says her a/c has gone out and has apparently been off with no ventilation in the house while it was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit most of the day. Dad has looked at it and must call the repair man the next day. They are going to buy a window unit for that night. She calls Wednesday evening and says the refrigerator isn't working-half the food has already spoiled during the course of the day while they were at work. So, she moves all salvageable items to the backup drink fridge outside. Thursday I took them another oscillating fan to move some air. When I got home it was pretty normal, but right when it got dark, the power went out. Now, this wasn't just a regular old flicker- the whole block was PITCH BLACK! For 30 minutes we sat in the driveway listening to neighbors try to find flashlights and matches. Finally the power came back, and 10 minutes later went out again. This time it was only about 5 minutes- but when you are in a dark corner of the house by yourself it's still pretty scary. So, Friday I went to see my sister-in-law because she always makes me happy. She said she threw a rod on her car. Explanation; it is irreparable. So we spent an hour or two debating this fact-not that we can change it one bit, but we still just talked and talked. Saturday I went over to help mom and dad move the backup fridge inside and the broken one out to the carport to be worked on. My husband and I had an additional backup fridge(used for drinks) that they are using for the overflow and as a just in case. While we were there the 20 year old monster of a microwave started to give out, so I now have a mini-microwave(in comparison) sitting in my car to take to their house. Mom may have to relearn how to microwave-cook since this newer model actually works properly. Well, we got home late Saturday night and I heard running water. There was no running water in the house, but something was sure running through the pipes. So, we turned off all the fans and listened to all the walls. It was quite comical if someone had seen it from the outside. Anyway, we determined there was a very small leak in the shower wall of our master bath. Nothing to worry about until Monday b/c the cost of a repairman on the weekend would double. Then on Sunday I noticed the shower floor was at least 30-50 degrees hotter than the regular floor, and this sent me into a bit of a tizzy. Not only was the whooshing sound getting louder and faster, but now the floor was hot too! So we've called the plumber and are waiting for him to come to the house after lunch-what I'm really dreading is the demolition that will take place and then the bill. I am so nervous they will have to tear out the floor and wall b/c we have a slab foundation and I've seen it happen before at my brother's just the same way. So, happy Monday!