Friday, July 6, 2012

Rug Update


$10 find
NEVER liked.
Bought because we needed something fast.
It's dark, and I never cared for it much.
We moved the table before I took this picture.  It was scooted up to the window and piled up with junk. We rarely used it and it drove me nuts! You can see a small amount of the junk piled on the china hutch.
Honestly, the rug isn't horrible, but I didn't like it for this space.  I'll show you what I ended up doing with it later.

7'6" x 9'6"
Bought because:
*Appeals to my love of both traditional and contemporary styles.
*Fits the space.
*Price. About the only thing better would be free.
It's just a tad too long to go the other direction, but other than that if fits the space great!
I'm still cleaning a bit, but you can see we rearranged the room completely.  I cleared off the china hutch and put it in front of the window- I know it's a no-no, but we hardly ever open those blinds because it just looks out at a fence.  This opened the room up so much and now it feels a little more like an actual dining space instead of a junk catcher.  I think it will help curb our tendency to pile bills and other junk on the china hutch since it's away from the front door now.
I'll put up a better picture once I get the room in better order.

Yay for change!