Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Steps

So, I've decided I like baby quilts. These are so easy to crank out in just a couple days and you feel like you've really accomplished something! Here is a little girl quilt 30"x 27". A closer look. Just a simple flower print for the back with some purple binding and hot pink thread. And the pile of new fabric I need to iron and get on the shelf. I went in for yellow and orange, and somehow ended up with more green and pink. I don't know how/why, but this is usually the case.

Progress comes slowly

First things first, getting organized. I've cleared off a shelf that held a number of decorative items so that it could be better used to house fabrics ready for quilting. I obviously need to add some oranges and purples to the stash. More to come... If you look at the far right of this picture you'll see part of the shelf when it still had decorative items in it. I started working on a dresden quilt with some brighter fabrics in January. Decided tacking it to the wall would make things easier, but a step stool is required for this process. Here are the triangle squared in progress for the border....This took FOREVER! Piles and Piles of half square triangles...2 1/4 inch squares. Tiny little half square triangles. Here is the dresden with it's borders! Hopefully this will get quilted and bound by the end of February! More to come.