Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Red, and White, and Black Oh MY!

 This very blurry picture is the fabric I told you about a few weeks ago that Ryan and I just fell in love with!  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it; something simple, and classic.  Something that would let that fabric be the center of attention.  Pun intended.
The picture does not do it justice, and I am sorry.  After several pictures which were no better I decided I wasn't going to get anywhere with it so you ended up with this. It's an adorable deep red fabric with black silhouettes of children playing in the trees, or by a creek.  Wherever the children are the fabric brightens a bit to spotlight the silhouettes.

 Here is the finished piece in the floor, turned the wrong direction.

 This is the back.  I simply echo quilted on either side of the seams of each piece of fabric.  Widths away from the seam get larger toward the outside for visual interest.  This is about 48" square.  I used a very soft cotton sheet(a little more stretch than I like) for the backing, and surprisingly for the FIRST TIME EVER had ZERO puckers or bunches where I accidentally caught fabric under the line of quilting.  I don't know how this happened, but I was SO thrilled when I turned it over and realized it was practically perfect!  I even jumped up and down a bit, then ran to my husband to show him what a good job I had done (Imagine a toddler who's just gone poopy in the potty by themselves the first time, and that's the excitement level I had).

And just so I don' leave you with that thought;
Here is the beauty in it's rightful place above our bed.


  1. It's GEORGEOUS! I love red. So glad to know you've still got your energy to do what you love :)

    As for the poopy comment. I can totally visualize that image!!!!


  2. haha...well, it was actually finished long before I was pregnant. I pre-wrote most of my posts for the year, and have added little bits here and there to add updates about the pregnancy etc. It's actually been interesting to read back through things I wrote so long ago. As for the really was just like that. I was giddy jumping up and down clapping my hands and giggling a bit because I was so proud.