Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dressing up the Bag

So I was given a great gift once called a Miche Bag.  
*Miche Bag does not know who I am, this is not a paid advertisement.*  
The base bag looks like this;
It's a purse with interchangeable shells or coverings and handles so you can change the look of your purse without having to move all your stuff to a new bag.  You just take the magnetic cover off and put a new one on.   Genius isn't it?  I have loved my Classic bag for quite a while.  Well, they also have the big bag;
And I wanted one.  The classic base that I first showed you is actually a great size.  Not too big, not too small, unless of course you carry a book and bottle of water with you everywhere.  Or, numerous snacks and toys and other things that women carry in their purses.  That's why you have the big bag.  I thought I needed one because it would be great for traveling.  So someone generously gave one to me.  The cover wasn't exactly my taste, but I'll use it for certain times of the year.  I decided to just use the base by itself for a while until I can get another cover.  The base itself is quite pretty.  Then, I decided to make it a sash...and ended up with this;
Ain't it purty! :)  I like it a lot.  I think I'll make some more!

I LOVE my Miche Bags, but you don't have to have this particular bag to do this!    If you have a purse that you just love and don't want to get rid of you might try making it a slip cover, or putting a ribbon around it.  Sometimes the accessories need to be accessorized too!

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