Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. 
This was a wedding gift 3 years ago.  
It's a cork board kit to be filled with used wine corks. 
It's 16" square.  Do you realize how big that is?


In three years, this is how far we've come.  
I think we'll need at least several more years to fill it up...But it's progress.
I know you can buy used corks online in bulk, but we liked the idea of using corks from wines we'd shared together.  
Sappy? Yes.  Fun? Yes.  
Never ending? That's what we agreed to! :)  
Happy Anniversary, Love!


  1. Happy Anniversary Ryan, Amanda, and LILA!!


    Jere and Nicole

  2. Lori VickorySeptember 25, 2011

    I believe I gave that gift to you and Ryan! That is a huge board! Drink up!

    Happy Anniversary!