Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My sewing room

 When I walk down the hall to the back of our house, this is the view that greets me.
 This is our back bedroom, a guest room, and my sewing space.  
  • I love this daybed.  It belonged to my brother's wife, and then their daughter used it for several years, and now it's ours.  It matches our master bed which is a family heirloom from my husband's family.  
  • There is a fun little sewing cabinet on the right that acts as a nightstand.  I got it at Goodwill for $5.  It's rickety, and too tall for me, plus the sewing machine is missing, but I like the lines and it works great as a side table.  
  • The covering on the table is a bunch of selvage strips sewn together waiting on my next project.
  • I did not make this quilt.  My mom bought it at a garage sale and gave it to me two Christmases ago...before I started really quilting, or as I just started I guess.  I love the bright colors...and it's all hand quilted.  
  • The little purse on the bed was a gift for one of my's from a pattern.  I don't usually use patterns...but it turned out pretty good (even though it was ripped apart many times in the process).

 When I turn into the doorway this is what I see;
  •  The little white and wood grain table towards the middle is my sewing table all folded up and put away for company.  
  • The sewing machine cover is a small baby quilt folded and safety pinned into shape.
  • The chair cover is also a small baby quilt folded and safety pinned into shape.  It is necessary because the chair back always hits the lip of the fabric shelf and gets gouged...this keeps that from happening, and surprisingly the quilt hasn't been torn.  It works well.
  • The fabric shelf is organized...still.
  • My ironing board has a new cover(well, it was new way back at the beginning of the year but I forgot to show you).  I'll do a post about that soon.
  • My postage stamp quilt on the design wall...still.
  • Some embroidery hoops with cool fabric.  
  • And on the right a peek at my sunrise/sunset painting.
That's about it.  The other wall is a closet and a clunky old television.  I thought I'd spare you and only show you the pretty stuff.


  1. Where are we putting the BABY???


    Thinking of you guys,


  2. haha.. Well... This room has changed a little since I wrote this post(several months back). We are putting the baby in what was the office, so the desk and office stuff is now in the sewing room too. :)