Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So this happened...

Yeah. This happened.  I basically have one good knife for chopping things...and several not so good ones that I try not to use.  The good one was in the wash, so this came out.  I was cutting meat.  Not tough meat mind you, just meat.  Beef, actually.  And, the knife broke.  I was unaware that the tang didn't extend the full length of the handle.  That's why it broke.  :(  I need some better knives for my kitchen.  But not ceramic ones.  I nearly lost part of my finger with one...a large part, which was sewn back on and grows funny now, but isn't noticeable to others.  So no ceramic knives.  Maybe one day I'll win those beauties that The Pioneer Woman gives away ever so often.

Also...does anyone else have this problem with their smooth surface electric cooktop?  Do you see all that mess on there?  I can scrub for hours and it still looks like that.  Any thoughts or advice?


  1. I love Barkeepers Friend (sold at Lowe's) follOwed with a water rinse.

    But all in all. I HATE my ceramic stovetop!! I would LOVE a gas range.

  2. Thanks Nicole... I will try that. It's better now, and I have gotten a little better at not being messy, but I'm a messy cook.

  3. Oh girl, you need some good knives!! I have two of the big japanese ones and I can't live without them! Abd then a butcher block of Henkles. Btw - good knives DO NOT got in the dishwasher, it kills them!!

    I also have a ceramic cooktop since we moved (i had gas previously) and I struggle with it too. I just picked up cleaner specifically for it and it seems to work pretty well. It was in the cleaning aisle with the stainless steel cleaner.