Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As promised...a peek into my secret garden

This is on the floor of the studio...doesn't quite do it justice.

Here it is hanging above our bed.  My husband had the brilliant idea of adding the white sashing to create the window pane effect.  I love it.  I love that from a distance it looks like stained glass you are peeking into a secret garden.  I loved that book, and's my happy place quilt.

And since I don't garden, it really is my secret garden.  The only place I can make things grow.


  1. "the only place you can make anything grow?" I don't think thats true little Miss Mommy to be!!! :D

    But seriously. This one is my favorite yet!!



  2. haha... I guess you are right Nicole. :) I didn't think about that. Also...I wrote most of these posts more than 6 months before they go up, but I try to review them before right they go up. I'll have to be more careful.
    Also, I think this is my favorite! It's off the wall at this point because it's so thin it's perfect for a little summer cover. Miss yall!