Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Using Patterns...

 This came from a pattern; I like it.
See the pattern pages on top of the dresser?  They don't fit back in the package very well.  I think I might invest in a lamination machine, or buy a bunch of laminating pages to laminate patterns.  They tear too easily, and the don't fit pack in the package anyway, so why not make them sturdy and reusable? Maybe.
I don't do well with patterns, but it turned out pretty good.
This dresser is on the wall I didn't show you.  The ugly television sits on top.

I think patterns are probably like recipes.  I don't follow recipes very well either.  I like to look at a recipe, or idea, and just make it from memory, adding my own touches as I go along.  That's why some of my dishes are never the same...even if I write it down, even if I follow the recipe.  I always end up changing at least one thing.  Is this normal?  Maybe.  But, I've found that when you are cooking with fabric...(i.e. following a pattern) this is not a good thing.  I intend to try more patterns, eventually I'll get it and not have to spend hours un-stitching.  One of these days that foreign language will make sense to me and I'll be able to just look at it and make it my day.


  1. Stitch a baby's name on the side and you've got a really cute diaper bag!! I'd buy one lol

    We need to do supper. You're people should call my people. Soon. :D



  2. Good idea-on both counts!