Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Special Project for a Special Lady

Around 20 ladies in our church helped put this project together.  It's a special lap quilt made for someone we know who was dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  It's the same pattern we used a year ago for someone else going through the same thing.  I had the privilege of quilting it.
 Everyone gets to write a special verse or prayer on it for her to read.  As we were putting it together someone mentioned that the recipient's favorite colors were used, and the person choosing the fabric had no idea.  In fact, I remember seeing similar fabrics in her home through the years. 
 A few who were not able to meet on the selected day came to my home to help me piece the back.  We mimicked the front design on a smaller scale using scraps left over from the front, and things in my stash.  It was neat seeing it come together.
Some of the quilting up close.  The sashing has vines, with roses in the corner.  The overall quilt has free motion, or stippling. 

This is hard to see, but I stitched the first verse of her favorite hymn into one of the horizontal sashes. It was very fitting.

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  1. So pretty!!! Please let me know when you make the next one, I'd really like to help :)