Friday, April 8, 2011

Do you know about this?

So, all my life I've heard people talk about this product.  My husband talks about having grown up eating this on peanut butter sandwiches regularly.  I finally broke down and bought a jar. 

Marshmallow Creme

First I tried it in a recipe, and the recipe turned out pretty good, but I still didn't really know what all the hype was because it pretty much acted just like melted marshmallows...without the mess and cleanup...which is worth it.
So then I bought another jar and tried some on a peanut butter sandwich.  It was okay...but nothing special.  So then I thought I'd break down and just dip my finger in to see what they hype was about.  I couldn't believe my mouth.  It's AMAZING!!!!!  Pretty sure I ate a spoonful (much to my husband's chagrin) right out of the jar after that.  Then the closed jar fell in the trash can.  Several times.  I think somebody was trying to tell me something, but I also think this will now be a staple at our house.

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  1. LOVE MARSHMELLO CREAM!! it's a wintertime staple in our hOuse with hot chocolate.

    Smiles and blessings,