Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In the last month

I haven't posted much in a while so here come the updates. What have I been doing in the last month? Well, lots of things actually. Lots of sewing, cooking, and cleaning. Here are some of the latest sewing endeavors.
What could this be you ask?
Why, it's a fitted sheet for the twin bed in our office! It sounds crazy. I know. But, some nights when I can't get to sleep, or am tossing and turning uncontrollably I will go to the office to spare my husband from my flailing. This has happened quite often in the last month, and I realized the sheets we've been using are terrible. They are so scratchy! My husband and I are spoiled to a very high thread count Egyptian cotton, and "regular" or "bargain" sheets from yesteryear (or 10 years ago) just don't cut it any longer. So, I decided rather than driving to the store and spending $$$ on the super soft sheets I really want, I could make some out of the wonderfully soft cottons in my sewing room. I didn't have one piece large enough, so I pieced some bits together for the super deep sides (12" deep, plus added inches to fit under), added some elastic and voila! This is the next project in the works. It's a semi-quilt-as-you-go, but I'll be quilting by hand. So this won't be done for some time.
This is a double sided summer baby quilt (no batting, so it's super light).
Close up of the other side. SO cute! Next is an apron...that REALLY covers!
It's double sided too. I love the 1950's vibe with the sweetheart neckline and the ruffled bottom, not to mention the sweet cherry print. I didn't have a pattern, so I measured it against myself for extra coverage. All the aprons I own are made for women who wear a size 2...I'm convinced of this as there is only a very small patch of material to cover the body and each time I wear them I realize I'd be better off wearing the table cloth tied around my neck. In light of this I gave this puppy some extra umph. It was a gift for a dear friend, but I do believe I'll be making one for myself in the near future and discarding the others.


  1. Quilting by hand!! Awesomely Artisan of you :) What made you decide to try it that way. I had a friend in college who quilted only by hand (except for the finishing) each day in class timelessly and carefully piecing together quilts for family members.

    She did it to give each quilt an authentic feel and for her family members to know how much love and time she put into each quilt. She made two a year. I always thought that was so thoughtful and neat.

    Hope you enjoyed your days off!



  2. I decided to do this one by hand to contrast the rigidity of the design, and to try something new. I've liked holding each small piece in my hand for a while, really "feeling" it while I work on it, as opposed to the faster pace of the machine quilting. Don't get me wrong, I love and will continue machine quilting because it's faster, and relatively more accurate, but I've enjoyed the process.