Monday, August 15, 2011

Nursery Update 2

 Nevermind the Christmas tree in the background.  It is actually in a closet that doesn't have any doors on it.  I'm patiently awaiting someone to figure out a better place for it than the nursery(formerly the office) closet or the garage.  I can't lift it anymore, so it may just stay there until after Christmas.
Anyway...the real topic is this chair.

This is the before; one of two gliders my parents purchased almost 15 years ago.  The other one actually gets used, but since this wasn't in use they decided to let us borrow it for the nursery.  It sits really well, and the price was right, but I decided it needed a face lift.  

So I did this;
Isn't it pretty?!!!  If I'd had enough fabric I would have done the whole thing the same as the seat cushion, but there was barely enough to cover that so I went with a coordinating fabric for the back cushion.  I've not decided if I'll attempt to cover the footstool.  I actually just made slip covers for the seat and back cushions, but based on the way the foot stool is made that isn't possible.  So, we'll see.  And yes, the tree is still there...I just ignore it.


  1. Adorable.

    Buy a large pressure rod or eVen a shower curtain rod if the space is narrow enough and make a cute curtain or buy a cheap shower curtain to use as a door for the clOder. I even use the cheap clear shower rings to hang it.

    I've done this in two houses that were missing a closet door and it turned out great!!

    Blessings and hugs,


  2. Nicole, that's a great idea. I don't really mind the closet being open, I just don't like the tree being there. I actually have doors for that specific closet that a previous owner took down...they are in the attic, covered in dirt. I have been asking for three years for someone to bring them down so they could be cleaned, painted, and re-hung. It hasn't happened. So...I get to look at the tree.

  3. Lololololololol