Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finding Beauty in the Little Things

 You might be noticing a theme lately...little things around our house.  Beautiful things.  Everyday things.  We don't always stop to take stock of all the beauty around us, whether in the treasures we have or the people we know.  This is one way for us to do that.  To just take a picture of something we see everyday, but don't always take time to notice.  Looking at each little thing helps us realize just how many beautiful and treasured things  we have.  I think people are more important, but that's harder to do on here, so I'm sticking with the stuff.
My husband's Great Aunt painted this light switch cover.  It's in our dining room.  It always makes me smile.  Is it weird that I'm annoyed I can't get the screws to line up?  Maybe.    If I tighten either one any further it will get stripped, if I loosen it the plate jiggles.  Oh well.  I just don't look too close when I pass by.

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