Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nursery Is Done!

 Here is the mural on the south wall of our nursery.  It is adapted from a set of wall decals I saw online.  This version has a bit more going on, and LOTS more detail.  I'll post detail shots over the next couple of weeks.

 When the door is open it covers part of the right side branches.
You can click on the picture to enlarge.
 We liked using all the bright colors all over.  We have butterflies, little birds, the owls, a squirrel, a hedgehog, and lots of flowers.  There is a little sign on the trunk that says "Lila's garden".

This is a little shelf next to the crib with a jewelry box from when I was little, a little homemade plaid bird, and my pink sock monkey that my mom gave me at Christmas.

I made a curtain for the window with some fabric from my stash.  Really colorful stripes(the picture doesn't do it justice). And to the left is Ryan's teddy from when he was little. You can see the top of the chair peeking into the photo.

This is the closet.  Thanks to Nicole's suggestion we were able to reuse a tension rod previously on the little window and put it on the closet instead.  The little valance is actually vintage panels I found about a year ago at a junk shop and it covers up the linens stored at the top of the closet without blocking everything else.  I found the green hanging storage at target for $2, and re-purposed an old dresser.  To the left you can almost see our stacking cubes which will eventually be used for toys.  

Stay tuned for more details of the mural in the next few weeks. :) 


  1. Did you paint that mural? The whole room is absolutely adorable! What a lucky little girl to have a mommy who puts so much love into her room!

  2. Ashley,
    I did paint the mural. It was fun...I did a little each week over the last few months. Just finished the last details the other day. Follow my blog...I'll be adding more pictures of other things around the room in the next few weeks. :)

  3. Oh my word, what a joyful, bright, cheerful nursery! I love it. Every bit.

  4. As usual you've gone above and beyond and it looks fantastic!! Great job Lila's mommy ;)

    Blessings and (((((Hugs)))))


  5. Thanks Nicole. :) Miss you!