Friday, March 1, 2013

Why do I keep ditching you guys?

Honestly, I don't really know. It isn't intentional. Life just happens.

You might be wondering where I've been. Rest easy, I've been here all along, but I have once again taken an almost 3 month break from this place called blogland.

I miss it, but I'll tell you, life has been busy, and sometimes writing about it is just one more thing on my list that I can't get done. I want to. Trust me. Every time I complete a project, or while it's in progress I have a mini dialogue with myself about how to write the post for it. The thing is, I haven't done it. I haven't even taken pictures of all the projects I've accomplished in the last 3 months. Why? Well, mostly because I was having so much fun(read; going so fast) getting things accomplished that I actually forgot about taking step by step photos or even photos of finished projects. Sad, I know, but not really. Just think how much more we can accomplish when we don't have to stop and photograph every step so we can give the world one more tutorial about how to do something that 500,000 other somebodies have already told us how to do.  Did that sentence make your head hurt? Sorry. It's something I've been struggling with. I LOVE writing, and I especially love reading all the other blogs(PLEASE DON'T RUN AWAY LIKE ME) and looking through Pinterest for ideas about how to improve our lives, or fun things we can make/do to enhance our experience as a family. I will say though, not stopping to take a photo of my process on projects the last few months has let me get things done much faster. And I'll tell you what, when you only have an hour naptime in which to accomplish 10 tasks during your Saturday without worrying where the munchkin is or what she's getting into, well, going faster is helpful.  However, I DO intend to show you some things I've done around the house soon. I'm hoping I can take photos today or tomorrow and get some things posted over the next few weeks.

I might just start a Pinterest Inspired Project of the Week/Month.  Keep an eye out for it.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Between work, grad school, and home there just never seems to be any time :(

    I'm glad you're staying busy and enjoying sweet Lila ;)