Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mini Cowboy Band Outfit: How I Did It

CBB Uniform Details
Secret: I actually made two bodysuits. The first became too small for her, so after homecoming I made a second bodysuit to use for Halloween.  The first run had felt for the patch and neckerchief, the second used purple fabric from an old tshirt.  Felt doesn't really sew on well, so I glued those things. When I went to make the second outfit I couldn't unstick them so I made a second set out of fabric and sewed it to the new bodysuit.  That is why you will see glue/stitch in several places.
  1. purchased youth small shirt from craft store (couldn't find appropriate colored bodysuit)
  2. altered using current size bodysuit for comparison, neck stretched enough I didn't change it
  3. Used fabric marker to draw pockets, button placket, collar fold
  4. attached stiff quilting fabric for collar
  5. glued buttons to front and sewed on snaps at crotch
  6. made patch and neckerchief from felt/fabric and glued/sewed on
Looked at original patch and cut fabric in Texas shape
Used fabric paint/markers to draw symbols on matching original layout/style; this was freehand since the patch was smaller to fit such a tiny outfit.
Let dry, then glued/stitched on.
  1. Purchased scrap leather, felt, and sequins from craft store
  2. Cut scrap leather to appropriate shape.
  3. Hand-stitched sequins onto felt to spell Hardin on one panel and Simmons on the other.
  4. Glued felt to leather as the leather I had was to thick to try to sew it. So, tacky glue to the rescue.
  5. I also cut small fringe pieces from a leather cord I had and glued them just under the edge of the felt. That took a bit of time, but it gave a more finished look.
  6. Let dry overnight.
  7. Made an elastic belt, covering with brown fabric I had on hand. If you do this, make sure your fabric is as long as you want the elastic to be able to stretch otherwise it defeats the purpose.
  8. Sewed a "buckle" from yellow fabric scraps and stitched it to the belt.
  9. Folded chap panels over the belt and glued leather to leather.
It was relatively easy, but each part took some time because I wanted to be pretty precise.  I worked on it over the course of several weeks, but overall probably only spent about 5-10 hours.
Have fun!

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