Friday, May 6, 2011

How do you Cook?

Do you have a shelf like this?
It's where I keep my recipe books...all 30 of them.
And yes, we have several editions of the Better Homes and Garden Cook Book.  I think we had one or two more, but they may have been given away.

Well I do.  But I've only visited that shelf maybe 10 times in the last 5 years.  And even then I don't think I've actually followed any of the recipes.  But why?  Well, you see...I'm not good at following recipes.  Every time I think I will, I still end up deviating a great deal, so I never really know what all those great recipes are supposed to taste like.  It usually ends up great, but never like the recipe.  Do you cook like this too?  Is this completely bizarre?

I've decided I need to reference these books more often.  I you see all those titles?  Those are some great books, by amazing cooks/chefs, with some awesome concoctions!  I'm going to try.  We'll see what happens.  I think if I had a big kitchen, with plenty of counter space and cabinet space and pantry space, then maybe I would also have a place to show these books.  You know; a place where I'd actually SEE them, so I might be compelled to USE them, even if just for ideas or reference.  But, I don't have a big kitchen.  I have a kitchen that is big enough for my butt and mine alone.  It works well, but there is definitely not much counter space, or cabinet space, or pantry space.  And there is by NO means any space for displaying these lovely cookbooks.  So the books are hidden in the media room, which is actually a horrible place for them because that's also the room where the dogs stay when the weather is bad.  I have to dust a book thoroughly before it gets used, ESPECIALLY if it's going anywhere near my kitchen or my food!  And I love my makes me sad.  But, that's just how it is.

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