Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Finish.

 Remember this sneak peek?

Well, here is the finished product! 
A quilted apron with cute food and kitchen gadgets.  It's adjustable with buttons across the front.  I made the straps crisscross on the back so the apron would stay in place better.  They are sewn together so they stay crossed and it's easy to slip on if you have messy hands because you aren't trying to tie anything, you can just slip it over your head and keep going...buttoning the straps isn't necessary, even though it does help.  I usually forget to put my apron on until I'm half-way through cooking something particularly messy, so I needed this.


  1. Adorbs!!!

    You've got to set up an etsy to share your hard work and creativity ;)


  2. Amanda this is super cute!! Great job! :)

  3. Thanks ladies! @Nicole; I started to do that once upon a time, but never followed through. We'll see what happens.