Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Block Party!

Fresh Poppy Design

This is me trying to enter a block party.  This is my first time trying something like here goes.  Click the link above to check out all the entries!   I've made three blocks.


This is my traditional Dresden plate block. 


These are about 1 inch strips pieced together on the left with varying widths on the right. I see an upside down 'i'.  Do you?


For me this is modern because of the fabric.  I think of it as looking out a window framed in old barn wood that has been painted many times, most recently turquoise, but all the layers a peeling back to show the years of love in the house...  looking through to see the flowers of spring. Sounds corny, but it's what I see.


  1. I'm a tradional kind of girl, so of course I love your dresden plate. I have gained so much inspiration from all of this, that I could have projects for well over the next year. Guess I could add this one to it.
    Thanks for sharring and good luck to you!

  2. Love the dresden plate. The modern is great too! Thanks for linking to our block party!

  3. Pretty...I love all dresden plates!