Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You know...

Do you know what is great about a blog?  I do.  I think blogs are a wonderful place to reflect, connect, learn, teach, and express ourselves.  I love being in the blog world.  Every day I look forward to reading through various blogs, and looking at the pictures people share. 

Do you know what is horrible about a blog?  I do.  The worst thing about blogs is the pressure to update regularly.  Guess what?  I'm HORRIBLE at updating!  Especially the last few months.  I don't think a new post has to come every day, but when there is over a month between posts...well, I feel really guilty that I'm not giving you all anything fun to look at or read.  Do I get mad when other people don't update? No.  I never give it a second thought if someone else hasn't posted something new in a while because I know everyone's lives get busy.  However, I have anxiety about not producing something new regularly. 

What's worse? Knowing I have content I could write about or post photos of, but not sharing. 
My response to it all?  Meh.  It will wait.  I feel a bit stressed about not posting, but I don't feel motivated to do anything with it right now.  I have several projects and stories I want to share, but I don't feel like I'm quite ready, or something...I can't quite pinpoint this feeling. 
So, to the very few of you who might read this; I'm sorry.  Sorry not to keep things up to date, eventually I hope to get back into it.

Does anyone else feel this way?  I feel like I'm the only one.  It is what it is.


  1. You are totally NOT alone! After a few weeks of not posting I feel like I should put something up but I just don't have much to say and my days just get too busy to sit and type. So, I let it slip. I'm going to try a goal of blogging once a month, maybe that will ease me back into it :)

  2. Agreed. Just way to busy. You are not alone :D

    Looking forward to when you feel like it again,