Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's Up 2011 we are a full month into the new year and this is actually the first post I've written.  The last month has been filled with posts written during my time off at the end of the year.  As I goal for this year is to take things a little slower, and that means you may see fewer posts on here.  Part of it is that I'm not doing as many projects, part of it is me not worrying about sharing them all.  Don't despair!  I do hope to stay on and continue sharing with the handful of you who actually read this, it's just not a top priority.  I do have 3 or 4 quilt tops finished or in progress waiting to be completed since the first of the year.  I'll post about them soon.  I think this 'write it all at once, and schedule it for later' strategy is going to be the thing that makes this work out for me. Also, I've recently been introduced to the idea of miniature quilts, or wall hangings, which allows you to try a new technique/pattern, without having to buy oodles of fabric or having excess quilts laying around taking up what little (or nearly non-existent in my case) storage you have.
Stay tuned...I'll try to keep in touch.

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