Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ryan's Flannel Footie

 Please forgive the blurry pictures.  I was in a hurry to photograph this before my husband came home.  I was trying to surprise him for Christmas.  He was a little surprised...but not entirely because he'd asked for one of these over two months ago when I made the first one for me.
 This is made really scrappy with old flannel shirts...they are so soft and comfy!  But, flannel shirts aren't the easiest thing to cut into, and to cut straight.  If you cut straight squares you end up losing a LOT of material, so I decided it didn't have to all line up perfectly.
Close up of the fabrics.
The back.  I used a white flannel and then more shirts for the pocket.  I used the existing button plackets from the shirts across the top of the pocket and sewed the buttons on the white flannel.  The binding is really scrappy too.
A close up of the quilting and the top of the pocket.
I think he loves hasn't moved from his spot on the sofa since Christmas Eve!

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