Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Red Rag QAYG Footie

This is a footie quilt we made for my husband's mom for Christmas.  I say we because my husband often plays an important role in fabric choices for me.  The squares are 9"x10", quilted individually, then pieced together and washed to achieve the 'rag' effect.  The edges will continue to fray over time becoming even softer.
 The back has a pocket for your feet.  It's made to fit the individual who receives it, so some are much longer than others.  This one is about 40"x70".  This was made as one continuous quilt, folding the bottom two rows over to the back made the pocket.
This was me trying to show the pocket effect.  There is a button in the middle to keep the pocket closed if you are not using it.  These are fun to make, and quilting as you go (QAYG) allows you to try all sorts of patterns.

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  1. Amanda EVERYTHING looks amazing!! You are truly honing your craft. FANTASTIC!!!