Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do you Read?

Do you read?  I do.  I love reading.  I read all sorts of books.  Recently I counted the number of new books I've read this year;21.  Yes, twenty one NEW books so far this year.  That's not counting the many re-reads.  I like having books on the shelf so I can re-read them when the mood strikes, which is usually a year or two later.  I enjoy the feel of the paper, the smell of it, and the chance to fall into a new story.  I know so many people who don't care to read at all, or who don't want to hang on to books.  For me, I'd be thrilled to have a house full of them someday.  I'm a little bit like Belle from Beauty and the Beast that way.  That library is something from a dream!  There are very few times where I don't have at least one book on hand.  Usually I am in the middle of several.  Recently my mother-in-law gave me a small stack of books she'd read in her book club.  It's fun seeing what other people read.  I think sometimes it helps you understand them better, sometimes it just makes you think.  I've read many books that I probably wouldn't read again, but I'm glad I read them at least once. There has been at least one I gave up on and can't seem to pick back up.  There are some I've read 10 times within 2 years, and still love.  So, I ask; Do you read?  What do you read?  Do you read all the way through, or bits and pieces over many months?  Do you have any favorites, or ones you can't stand, and why?  If you dislike a book, will you continue reading just to finish, or will you give it up and never pick it up again?  And if you are looking to get rid of books...don't throw them out.

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  1. I read all summer long everything that I love from Stephen King to Louisa Mae Alcott (big girls and I are reading "little women" together) but mostly during the school year I get to read ALOT of Dr. Suess and Mercer Mayer if you catch my drift, every night before the two littlest go to bed.

    Jackson and I are working on the "harry potter" series and he couldn't be more pleased.(I know, I know it's crazy but I've never read it nor seen the movies and wouldn't allow my kids either)

    I miss reading for fun during the school year but I just never seem to have the time for it:(

    BUT I am quite thankful that ALL my children LOVE to read so maybe I've done something right.

    blessings to you and Ryan,