Monday, October 18, 2010

Been a long time.

I know I told you I'd post something.  This is the busiest month for us at work, which makes doing anything outside of work almost unthinkable.
  • Have I cooked?...yes, lots.  Not much new though.  This is a time for fallback recipes...golden oldies, old faithfuls...and lots of scrambled eggs. 
  • Have I made stuff?....surprisingly yes, but most of it is in preparation for Christmas so these things can't be posted until after they are gifted. 
  • Has anything notable happened?...Yes.  
    • We had a flood in our kitchen.  A valve exploded and we had about 15-20 gallons of water in the kitchen floor before we could get the water main shut off.  We spent more than an hour using every towel in our house sopping up and wringing out the water.  Fortunately the water didn't get further than the kitchen, and the floors are still livable.  Is there damage...yes, but it's not major. 
    • We celebrated an anniversary, several birthdays, and homecoming.
    • We decided it's okay for our dogs to sleep inside most nights so they'll stop barking at the crazy neighbors who stay up too late and get up too early.  They have their own room.  It's been nice.
    • I'm sure there is more...but I can't remember.


  1. so glad you are alright. I spoke with Andrew at dinner the other night and told him I was worried :) He said you guys were ok to the best of his "man" knowledge.

    our computer died and it is not much fun blogging on my iphone couple that with grad school and marching season and three sick kids and you know why I haven't written anything :)

    so glad you are plugging along ok, and hope to see you SOON OKAY?


  2. yep. We are alive and well. :) Sorry to worry you. I'm going to plan a dinner or something at our house for the beginning of November maybe.

  3. The flood happened because I uncapped the valve after tightening it ALL THE WAY to turn it off. :) Tried to hook up the ice maker to the existing valve. Turns out that tightening the valve does nothing, as the valve is broken, and that's why it was capped to begin with. It is recapped now, and one day I'll have a working valve installed.

    BTW Nicole, Andrew has heard every one of these stories that Amanda is telling. His "man" knowledge is factual and up to date. :) Hope to see you guys sometime soon.


  4. Thanks you two :D