Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Organizing the Kitchen

These are our new canisters for flour and sugar and such.  Unfortunately we only have about 6 feet of working counter space, so I had to do a little rearranging.  This is our pantry.  It's only 2 feet across which is tiny.  At any rate this is what we ended up with.

Yes, our microwave is in our pantry.  As is our coffee pot, slow cooker, blender, and stock pot.  Refer to the aforementioned lack of counter space.  Basically the only things that stay on the counter are the toaster and stand mixer, and they are shoved in the corner.  Oh, and can goods go in a shallow metal rack screwed onto the side cabinet next to the stove.


  1. Come and organize mine please :) Happy Friday!!! and a great weekend to you


  2. haha...I'd love to help. I enjoy organizing/rearranging; it's therapeutic. I clean out my refrigerator every week, my pantry every few months as needed, and my cabinets get reorganized every year or two.