Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pictures of the Progress

Remember how I said I cleaned?...Well, here is the proof! 
Again, no before pictures for comparison, so you can't fully appreciate all that has happened here, but trust me it's a big accomplishment.

This is how the pantry looks now.  It doesn't seem like I wouldn't be able to reach, but in reality the microwave comes up to my hips...so that cabinet is pretty tall, and there is another shelf above the uppermost one in thispicture.

This is the pantry door with new shelves for baggies and aluminum foil, etc.  Saves a lot of space, and uses space that was previously wasted.  Also you can kind of see where I hung the collander on the wall inside the pantry to free up cabinet space by the stove.  :) 

This is a new sorting rack for cutting boards, cookie sheets, baking stones, etc.  It freed up a lot of space next to the oven, and instead of stacking them on top of each other they stand side by side.  It makes a lot less noise, and takes a lot less effort to get them out of the cabinet now.  Oh, and that opening is only about 10 inches...not standard by any means.  Whoever built our house made sure that NOTHING was anywhere NEAR standard sizes so that we could never order premade anything.  It's fun finding solutions that work in such small and wierd spaces.(sarcasm?....yes)

And our knife drawer.
Before these were all just laying in the drawer with several other cutting tools like the pizza cutter.  Everytime you opened the drawer everything shifted, and you always had to use extra care finding the right knives.  Now they are neat and the blades are hidden.  Love it!  Moved the pizza cutter to a different drawer and all our Chef's/Butcher's knives hang above the stove on a magnetic strip.

Yay for organization that has some bit of promise to stay organized by natural tendencies(meaning I won't have to keep redoing it year after year).  I know the pantry is an ongoing organizational issue, but at least some of the kitchen is now self organizing. :)

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