Saturday, November 20, 2010

Updating my list

Remember that list I made at the beginning of the year?  The one where I decided I could try/re-try all sorts of new/old things, setting goals for myself.  Remember how I said I didn't HAVE to do everything on the list, it was just one of those things you do to look forward and have some goals? Well, I haven't done everything.  In fact, I haven't done a lot of those things, but the things I have done have been so rewarding!  In fact, I'm not at all worried that I won't finish my list (I never was), but I am proud to have surpassed some of my goals.  Let's take a look;

  1. Hunting; well, we 'hunted' some noisy birds in our yard after many sleepless nights.  But really we just scared them away.  Our cat has hunted enough; she's brought us several snakes, birds, squirrels, and mice.  Oh, and a rabbit. She's always leaving trophies to prove her love.
  2. Bra fitting; No money equals no shopping. And besides- I know what size I wear.
  3. Pedicure; This never happened.  I just did them myself.
  4. Traditional Quilting; I've learned some traditional patterns,but find not following a pattern too perfectly is more my style.
  5. Regular Cooking; I now cook at least 4 to 5 times per week with leftovers on the other nights. Have you seen my menu board?
  6. Teaching my husband to cook; He literally laughed in my face, but he's gotten more curious about what/how I'm making new it's still possible.
  7. Sell a painting; In progress. More later.
  8. Lobster; well, I've had lobster in a sushi roll, but not by itself with butter sauce.
  9. Water Aerobics; Not going to happen.
  10. Gray; This doesn't really bother me much, but a hair dresser (I've been twice in the last year, more times than in the last 10 years combined) asked me how I got paint in my hair...after several minutes and careful inspection at the root he finally believed me that it really was just my hair, and it's silver. There isn't much and usually it stays hidden, but sometimes it catches the light and is really something.
  11. Acupuncture; Still waiting to make this happen.
  12. Re-trying food; I've tried cabbage, carrots, peas, hominy, olives, stewed tomatoes, and frozen green beans, tomato soup, anchovies, sausage pizza, funyuns(sp?), buffalo chicken, mustard, and other things I've forgotten about . Some I still don't like, but some I do.
  13. Quilts; I've completed my goal of 12 in 12 months.  It helps that several of these were baby quilts, but most are twin or full size.
  14. Being Creative Daily; I don't have much proof, but I do make lots of little sketches and lists of ideas.
  15. Guitar; working on getting one first, then we'll learn.
  16. Artistic Encouragement; this is an ongoing thing between me and my mother.
  17. Concealed; This is still on the table because I know I won't carry.
  18. Camping; My husband's a city boy...and we both love our amenities.
  19. Old projects; I'm having too much fun working on new ones.
  20. Blog It; Well, I've blogged, but not regularly. I just hate not always having the pictures,and I've been really busy.
And something not on the list; Reading.  I've read 24 new books in less than 12 months.  I have also re-read about 10 old books in that time. To me, this is amazing.  I didn't set out to read that many books.  I just enjoy reading every now and then.  And then, I looked at my 'read books' shelf one day and it was overflowing so I thought I'd count.

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  1. Glad to know you are well. I miss your face!! We need to get together soon. Hope you're thanksgiving went well.