Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year, New Experiences

In light of the new year we are entering and quickly seeing fly by I thought I might try some new things. I haven't ever really made new year resolutions, and don't intend to start now. However, I have realized there are some things I might like to experience so I am making a list of things I'd like to do/see/try/make happen during the next year. My List for 2010, in no particular order; 1. Go hunting, just once, even if I don't get anything. 2. Get a bra fitting. Although I do this for other women regularly, I've never been properly fitted by a professional. 3. Get a pedicure just because. 4. Learn to quilt-following traditional patterns. 5. Cook dinner more than two times a week. 6. Teach my husband to cook, at least a little bit. 7. Sell a painting. 8. Try Lobster. 9. Take a water aerobics class 10. Learn to Embrace my gray rather than focusing on it. 11. Get acupuncture. 12. Re-try 10 food items I thought I disliked. 13. Make at least 1 quilt each month. 14. Do something creative every day. 15. Learn to play guitar. 16. Inspire/Encourage someone to explore their artistic nature. 17. Get a concealed handgun license. 18. Go fishing/camping. 19. Finish at least 2 art projects from the previous year's to-do list. 20. Blog regularly about all these things. Looking forward hoping to accomplish much, learn even more, and enjoy life as much as possible.

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