Monday, August 9, 2010

A curtain, some shoes, and a gift

A Curtain

After painting the kitchen and deciding we liked all the light coming in the window we decided a curtain was unnecessary.  However, after many mornings of blinding light, I felt like it needed just a little something to help with the light coming in, and to feel finished.  So we ended up with a valance.  I made this one with only 2 yards of fabric @ $1.50/yd.  I couldn't have purchased such a pretty thing pre-made.

Here's the close-up of the fabric.  It's more traditional than I would have thought we'd like, but surprisingly out of a blind pick(no persuasion or hinting from me) Ryan picked this from about 10 pieces.  Also surprisingly it was the first thing that caught my eye when I went into the store-again, much more traditional than we usually choose.

Some Shoes

Today I decided to go to Payless for my lunch break.  One, I usually eat at my desk while continuing to work, therefore rarely taking a lunch break.  Two, my shoes were aggravating my feet and this should not be acceptable ever.  Three, I really wanted to get outside for some reason.  Fortunately for me they were having a "BOGO" sale and I found two great pair of shoes.
These are a super cute/comfy pair of navy blue flats with a cute little polka dot flower pom-pom on the toe.  I won't wear these all the time because there is elastic on the back which is quite handy at keeping them from slipping off your foot, but after many hours of wear it tends to be slightly annoying because it pushes your foot forward in the shoe.  However, they perfectly matched the navy blue with white bits blouse that I was wearing, thus allowing me to wear them for the remainder of the afternoon.
These are a nice leather flat slingback.  I don't typically care for slingbacks, but these fit perfectly and have just enough cutouts to feel slightly like a sandal.  I think I will wear these quite often. 

A Gift

My husband and I are coming up on our 2nd wedding anniversary in about a month and I gave him part of his present early.  I can be very good at keeping secrets, but when it comes to gifts I get so excited about it sometimes I will give in and tell (or dole it out) even without being prompted.  So I did that.  Here's what we have;
Cell phones you ask?...Yes.  All but one of the cell phones we've had since we started dating, not including the ones we are currently using of course.  Where is the missing one you ask, well, we don't know.  It's missing.  It was a great big clunker of a flip phone I carried and should be the third in the line of these, alas it could not be located.  So, in the 5ish years since we've been together these lovelies have helped us communicate.  They now hover in a shadow box above the desk in our home office, reminding us to always keep the communication lines open; even if we think we've outgrown the technology, the concept will always remain the same. (yes it's kinda sappy, whatever. I love it. and it's true.)


  1. AWWWWWW!! I LOVE the shadowbox (of course you're also talking to someone whose kitchen is decorated with fisher price toys :)

    I think the sentiment is sweet and the idea behind it totally within reach of a not so creative person like myself!!

    enjoyed seeing you guys this weekend,


  2. ALSO, you make curtains too? In addition to cook, quiliting, painting, jewelry making, etc, etc

    Amanda we need to get busy writing your book, "CommonSENSE and CreativeBILITY for Your Home" by Amanda McKee

    Then we can make use of your art degree and my english degree :)

  3. Haha...thanks Nicole. We enjoyed hanging out, of course we always enjoy hanging out with your family. BTW; I LOVE your Fisher Price Kitchen and think you should totally blog about it with pictures! It's probably the most creative kitchen I've ever seen. As for the book I think it's a marvelous idea :) (actually it's something I started doing about a year ago, but not about anything you'll ever see on the blog and have since abandoned it-That book, the one hidden in my bedside table, will NEVER be seen by anyone. I don't think.) Also, thanks for all your encouragement.