Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baseball and ....Cake?

You know that cake ball craze that's been going on for a few years? 
 Well, head on over to Pinterest, or Google Images, and type in cakeballs, or cake balls, and you will be inundated with images of overly cute edible goodness.

I've made cake balls on several occasions and most people really like them because they are small, generally cute, and semi-portable. I decided this would be a great option for my husband's 30th birthday celebration which was outside.  I stuck a lollipop stick for extra portability so we wouldn't need plates and forks.  We had a baseball themed party and this is what I came up with;

Now, I'll be the first to admit they aren't perfect, but aren't they adorable!?!
This is on the wax paper while we decorated them. See the end for a final look!

My homemade baseball Happy Birthday Banner. Click the picture to zoom in and see the detail. Oh, and note the extra brown grass...welcome to Texas in July! 

 Mom grilling hot dogs. Quintessential baseball food.

My husband admiring trying to decide which flavor he wants. 
His sister helped me decorate them, and we put printed baseball lollipop signs to let everyone know what flavors we had. The baseball design was lemon cake and we made a chocolate drizzled design that was pineapple cake.
It was so much fun, and even though the 'stitching' took some time I'd still do it again. 
Everyone loved it and we had a great party. 

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  1. So sad we missed it but I know he had a happy 30th since he has so many reasons in his life to feel blessed!!!