Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where I've Been

You may be wondering if I dropped off the face of the earth, but I assure you I have not.  Where have I been all this time?  Enjoying our newest family member.  That's right, I had a baby.  She is quite certainly the most wonderful and miraculous gift that I have ever received. 
I am in awe!
Now tell me, if you got to choose between staring at this gorgeous face all day or taking time to write a blog, which would you choose?
Obviously I've been staring away for the last 7 weeks.
She will start daycare soon and I might find a few minutes every once in a while to update you all as we get into a new routine.
See you around.
Until then feel free to stare at my little beauty.


  1. She. Is. Amazing.

    So glad you are enjoying this special time.

    Thinking of you and can't wait to meet her,


  2. Thanks Nicole. We are back at work now, but she's getting to come with me for the first couple of weeks. We are ready for you all to meet her. :) Hopefully we can make that happen soon!

  3. Aww, congrats! She is gorgeous! I just had my boy 3 weeks ago and I've been thinking of all my preggo blight friends wondering how they are. So glad your little girl is here and well!